La purga de la ciencia jurídica en Alemania: los fundamentos de una limpieza étnica

Miguel Ángel Cano Paños , Universidad de Granada


After Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, one of the objectives of the National Socialist regime was, as the first step of his genocidal plan, to purge the German public administration and its officials of elements considered harmful or unpleasant to the regime, which included individuals of Jewish origin and those others related to political parties considered enemies of National Socialism. The German university was certainly not immune to this purge–and, ultimately, also ethnical cleansing–, as demonstrated by the thousands of professors who were removed from their professorships, in most cases being forced to leave Germany. This purge was not only promoted and carried out at the legislative level, but also through “scientific” and deeply racist conferences in which the danger that the activity of non-Aryan or politically unpleasant subjects posed to the community of the German people (Volksgemein schaft) was warned. Based on the above mentioned, the aim of this article is to present to the Spanish speaking reader, for the first time, the translation of one of those pseudo-scientific conferences, which was held in Berlin on October 3rd and 4th, 1936 with the execrable title of "Judaism in legal science".

National Socialism, Nazism, German Law, Judaism, German legal science, Aryan race

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