Autoritarismo y penas de prisión perpetuas en Europa central. Un estudio de las recientes reformas en las Repúblicas de Hungría y Polonia

Noelia Corral Maraver , Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia


Several studies show that for some time now we have been observing a notable hardening of the criminal justice system in the different countries. The aim of this paper is to study the case of Poland and Hungary, countries that are different but which have had a similar recent political evolution. Therefore, the most relevant political and institutional changes will be studied, as well as the main criminal reforms, in particular those affecting life imprisonment, the maximum penalty in both countries. This has led to relevant judicial and institutional conflicts with international actors, such as the European Union or the Council of Europe. Finally, some similarities and differences will be established between life sentences in these countries and Spain

Life imprisonment; social exclusion; authoritarianism; criminal policy; Hungary; Poland.

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